benzoic acid

Synonyms: "dracylic acid", "benzeneformic acid", "carboxybenzene", "benzenecarboxylic acid", "phenylformic acid", "retardex", "benzenemethanoic acid", "phenylcarboxylic acid"

Source: benzoic acid is used in the manufacture of plasticisers, resin coatings and caprolactam. It is an antiseptics, antifungal, antipyretic agent, and can be used as an alkalimetric standard. Added to alcoholic beverages, baked goods, cheeses, gum, condiments, frozen dairy, relishes, soft sweets, cordials and sugar substitutes. It is also used in cosmetics, as an antiseptic in many cough medications and an antifungal in ointments.


IUPAC Name: benzoic acid
CAS Number: 65-85-0
PubChem ID: 243
Canonical SMILES: C1=CC=C(C=C1)C(=O)O

Structural Properties:

Molecular Formula: C7H6O2
Molecular Weight: 122,1213

Pharmacophore Features:

Number of bond donors: 1
Number of bond acceptors: 2
Number of atoms different from hydrogen: 9


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Mineo H, Ohdate T, Fukumura K, Katayama T, Onaga T, Kato S, Yanaihara N. 1995. Effects of benzoic acid and its analogues on insulin and glucagon secretion in sheep. Eur J Pharmacol 280(2):149-154.

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