Synonyms: "temik", "aldicarbe", "carbamyl", "sulfone aldoxycarb"

Source: aldicarb is a multi-use pesticide that controls populations of agriculturally-harmful insects and nematodes.


IUPAC Name: [(E)-(2-methyl-2-methylsulfanylpropylidene)amino] N-methylcarbamate
CAS Number: 116-06-3
PubChem ID: 9570071
Canonical SMILES: CC(C)(C=NOC(=O)NC)SC

Structural Properties:

Molecular Formula: C7H14N2O2S
Molecular Weight: 190.263

Pharmacophore Features:

Number of bond donors: 1
Number of bond acceptors: 3
Number of atoms different from hydrogen: 12


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Evidence Supporting This Chemical as an Endocrine Disruptor
TEDX List of Potential Endocrine Disruptors

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