butyl benzyl phthalate

Synonyms: "butylbenzyl phthalate", "benzyl butyl phthalate", "sicol", "palatinol BB", "unimoll BB", "santicizer 160", "sicol 160"

Source: butyl benzyl phthalate is mostly used as a plasticizer for PVC (polyvinyl chloride).


IUPAC Name: 2-O-benzyl 1-O-butyl benzene-1,2-dicarboxylate
CAS Number: 85-68-7
PubChem ID: 2347

Structural Properties:

Molecular Formula: C19H20O4
Molecular Weight: 312,3597

Pharmacophore Features:

Number of bond donors: 0
Number of bond acceptors: 2
Number of atoms different from hydrogen: 23


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